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Above Ground Pool Installation

Above Ground Pools

There are different varieties of above ground pools that include several structural choices, including aluminum, steel and resin, as well as a combination of these three materials. These pools are offered in several heights, the newest and most common being 52 inches, which beat out a 48 inch height wall in popularity some time ago. In some cases 54 or 56 inch walls are used in order to meet code or project requirements. You will also need to consider whether you want your pool to have a flat or deep bottom. Above ground deep pools are termed ‘dished’ or a ‘hopper.’ A dished pool resembles a shallow dish and features a deep middle with a consistent ledge around the perimeter of the pool. A hopper refers to a pool where half of the pool has a flat bottom and the other half is deep.

After you have chosen the type, size, and bottom you desire for your pool you will need to make sure your plans are within you city or subdivision guidelines. Please see the tab above labeled inspectors to help you find who to contact in accordance to your location. 

AAK Process

After you obtain you permit your work is done, AAK will take it from here! Our first step is your pool excavation. AAK pools will excavate with either a mini excavator or a track loader for maximum accuracy and minimal yard damage. AAK will over excavate your area 3-4 feet beyond your pool size depending your code requirements (24' round pool will have a 30' excavated perimeter) We will always over excavate at least 3 ft. however sometimes a city will require 4. After your hole is dug your pool installation can begin. AAK will bring in a washed mason sand with a specific clay content. We use a plate compactor to make the sand hard and then we hand trowel to make the sand smooth. The result is a concrete like walkable finish. (Feel free to check our photo gallery tab) No more uneven bottoms and having to wait weeks to swim while the sand hardens. AAK schedules you water delivery for the same day as installation and will arrange for you electric to be run within one week of having your pool installed.

Pool Liners

AAK offers New above ground pool installation as well as liner replacements. Choosing the right pool liner is also an essential part of overall quality and design. We install four types of liners; expandable, variable depth, J-Bead (also called J-Hook, U-Bead or Hung), and Beaded (True Bead)

*An expandable liner reaches over the pool walls. Plastic pieces called coping strips are used to adhere the liner to the wall. These liners are used on flat bottom pools.

*A variable depth liner is similar to an expandable liner but is shaped for pools with deep areas.

*J-Bead (J-Hook, U-Bead and Hung) liners are meant for flat bottom pools and feature a built in hard plastic that attaches to the pool wall. Theses liners offer more options in patterns then expandable.

*Beaded (True Bead) liners snap into a corresponding bead receiver and are meant for flat bottom pools. This an excellent choice for those building decks in their future plans.

No doubt with all these options the combination of choices is endless, but rest assured our experts are ready to answer all of your questions and guide you to the perfect choice for your project and budget.