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In Ground Pool Installation

The following packages represent all of the in ground options we offer. Each package is fully customizable and AAK Pools will work with you to make your dream pool happen on a budget you can afford. Inground pools start at $9,995.

Ultimate Economic In Ground (AAK original)

This is the most cost effective in-ground pool on the market today. It features a powder coated steel wall available in both round and rectangular shapes, with 52 inch high walls. A concrete deck, pavers, or wood decking can be used to finish the pool surround. *This pool is solely offered at AAK!

Resort Pool (AAK original)

This option is the most perfect pool on the market! It is the combination of a perfect bottom with 100% functional pool space. If your looking for a pool for relaxation, entertaining, pool sports/games, and exercise this is the ultimate pool! Designed by and for the owner himself this pool includes a perfectly smooth concrete bottom, variable wall height, full length steel steps, and any other bell and whistle you can dream up. *This pool is solely offered at AAK!

Traditional In Ground

This pool is what pops into most peoples minds when they hear inground pool, it is what all other installers offer. It has a standard 42" wall height with a pool crete bottom and carefully excavated angles achieve desired pool depth.

Elite Traditional In Ground

These pools truly are elite and will offer hours of low maintenance water recreation with all the bells and whistles. These models include a slide, walk down steel steps, an auto cover, a spill over or stand alone spa, lights, fiber optics, a heater and your choice of decking options.