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Above Ground Pool Premier Products and Services


HappyBottom Pool Pad cushions and protects the pool liner. HappyBottom reduces the potential for liner failure due to punctures. It also acts as a barrier to keep corrosion causing elements in the soil away from the metal components of your pool. HappyBottom acts as an insulator under the pool, reducing heat loss to the ground. Reduced heat loss can save energy and extend your swimming season. A smooth, easy to clean bottom and reduced indentations are just a few of the benefits of using HappyBottom Pool Pad. Pool owners love the comfort and luxurious feel HappyBottom provides when it is used under a pool liner.

Wall Foam

Wall Foam adds insulation to your pool to keep the water warmer and save energy. It also helps to protect your liner and reduces metal wall corrosion. Wall foam is a great addition to any pool!

Perfect Pool

Pool Perfect is a hard, flat, impervious polymer material that is placed under your pool to form a smooth bottom and protect the liner. It will virtually eliminate the problems that can arise from rocks, stones, nut grass, and other objects in the ground below your pool that can easily puncture unprotected pool liners and cause leaks.

Hard Plumbing

Hard plumbing your pool helps to improve user friendliness and efficiency. No more soft hoses without shut-offs. Soft hoses vibrate, deteriorate from UV rays, and don't allow the user to turn off and divert water when desired.

Main Drain

Main Drains allow pools to have two suction points (high and low). High and low suction points improve pool circulation which in turn keeps your pool water warmer and cleaner.

Second Skimmer and Return

Adding a second skimmer and return can increase pool circulation keeping your pool water cleaner.

Pool Crete

Pool Crete is a mixture of portland, sand, and vermiculite. This gives you a hard bottom that is still porous allowing your liner to breathe while maintaining its structure.

Other considerations:

*Gas and Electric

*Have AAK help you with you landscaping needs!

*Backfilling your pool.


*Pool Removal

*Pool Relocation